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The supply chain approach

Our approach to managing healthcare spend starts at the supply-chain level.

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We work for you, not the carriers

Tired of hearing from your broker that got you a “less-bad” renewal increase? When the carriers increase premiums, your broker gets a raise. We think this is a little backwards and that interests should be aligned to have a successful and sustainable relationship. Our consultants move to your side of the table by providing strategies that decrease costs and manage your healthcare supply chain – like you would with any other major expenditure.

Boost your bottom line

Let’s get into the numbers. By now we’ve established the blatant conflict of interest that leads to unsustainable renewal increases.  Our strategies can reduce costs by upwards of 40%. If your group has a particularly healthy year, we’ll get you back your unused premium in the form of a surplus check. Yes, we get your unused funds back to you, where it belongs, in one lump sum. Talk about aligned interests.

More productivity and retention

While the savings and surplus checks are great, it’s important not to leave out the improvement of quality of care for your workforce. Better employee benefits equals better productivity and employee retention, giving your business a competitive edge in the job market. 


In 2010, NorthBay was facing another massive renewal increase on their employee healthcare plan. Tired of the yearly shakedown, the 65 employee company decided it was time to take a different path. An audit of their plan design quickly exposed components that were inflated and unnecessary. The savings were both substantial and swiftly implemented. Never looking back, NorthBay now has achieved an accumulated savings of over $2,657,563 from 2011 to 2018. See graph below.

Annual Savings

Yearly savings totals from 2011 to 2018

$166,667 (2011)
$276,785 (2012)
$375,690 (2013)
$274,305 (2014)
$305,998 (2015)
$337,828 (2016)
$399,270 (2017)
$521,020 (2018)

Annual Savings

Yearly savings totals from 2011 to 2018

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