What can LEGOs teach you about lowering your healthcare costs? A lot. Watch the video below.
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Take control of healthcare costs

If your business is like most others, then employee benefits are among your three biggest expenses each year. It’s also the one major expenditure that doesn’t really get managed when it comes to cost and quality. Our proprietary iControl Health Plans make it easy for businesses to control and manage their healthcare down to a supply-chain level, resulting in an overall savings around 20-40%.

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By the Numbers:


In 2010, NorthBay was facing another massive renewal increase on their employee healthcare plan. Tired of the yearly shakedown, the 65 employee company decided it was time to take a different path. An audit of their plan design quickly exposed components that were inflated and unnecessary. The savings were both substantial and swiftly implemented. Never looking back, NorthBay now has achieved an accumulated savings of over $2,657,563 from 2011 to 2018. See graph below.

Annual Savings

Yearly savings totals from 2011 to 2018

$166,667 (2011)
$276,785 (2012)
$375,690 (2013)
$274,305 (2014)
$305,998 (2015)
$337,828 (2016)
$399,270 (2017)
$521,020 (2018)

Annual Savings

Yearly savings totals from 2011 to 2018

Taking control of our healthcare spend has been eye opening. We’ve controlled every other expense in our company except healthcare because we didn’t know it was possible. Now I get to see how much waste there is in our health plan and how much we can save by staying actively involved and installing the cost saving recommendations Hal has suggested. I wish I would have met Hal and the HFC team years ago.
Rod Slick, CFO
Love Automotive Co.

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